the 17 names

The director of my local VA is a doctor

Hines, not JBVA

what kind of PhD


but i think it’s MD

and this week, he dismissed ESS AGAIN

and literally wrote my Senator Tammy Duckworth stating I refused a spinal tap.

He failed to mention I had one completed in 2011…

in fact DEMANDED it from the first resident neurologist, who NOW specializes in epilepsy in the Los Angelos area and was NEVER a headache specialist…

either way I felt the need to rule out IHH or pseudo-tumor cerebri…

the feeling of evaluated pressures in my head

I hope you don’t understand that feeling.

I demanded an attending to perform the spinal tap as I was dx with degenerative disc disease while in my 20s…. (go navy; I am compensated at 10% *whole-man* for my back, fyi.)

In 2011, I was hospitalized seven times in a twelve month period.

The NERVE of Doctor Braverman

the nerve

I will spend my years continuing to survivor chronic migraine disease.

Some days are better than others.

Doctor Braverman said NO VA doctor could prescribe cannabis as an alternative option to what has NOT worked with the care under the VA.

…but i will survive…

now the 17 lost,

how are their dependants?

Do they have enough education to beat marginal employment?

Do they have access to toiletries?

Do they have a means to clean drinking water?

Do they have adequate house?

Do they have communities who care to feed them?

Does anyone care?

We lost seventeen that day. I can’t remember where I was when I got the news.

I was in Virginia Beach, what I called home at the time with a newborn. I told the officer’s wives how disgusted I was on how OUR sailors slept in ribbed boats and the deck or where ever they found a means to rest…

it did seem like I was the only on active duty in that circle

I was one of the first to walk aboard the USS Cook whn they pulled back in after the deployment.

no war that i was told of was announced

Yet 9/11 – happens and I still hear that war has yet to end.

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