Thirty Five Cents if you ever been in the back of a police car

That was what made deployment meaningful I suppose. Being able to snail mail a post card from a ‘foreign’ land and having the privelages to write FREE in the corner because we were in harm’s way somehow. With the 2018 Forever stamp which cost me thirty five cents, someone could snail me you a post card if they had your address. I suppose more advanced, privelaged humans could email you for free, but the post card idea came up after the 33rd annual convention for VFP in St. Paul Minnesota.

These plan white booklets cost me $3.

I reused the dispensary bags which cost me $26 (the cost to Lyft to 7pts.)

We are fortunate to have a Post Office that is conveniently opened late for the community we live in. Hours:

Those workers, the Postal Workers once made up the largest union, so my (ex) husband once told me. I haven’t verified all his information, but he made his fair share of mistakes.


The more we learn about ourselves, the easier it becomes to navigate obstacles we face que aprendiste de tu person homeopata Horizon Group USA



21 more years being locked up since sixteen means what when he gets out

How much does it cost to mail your friend something?

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