Working on translating his Soldier’s Heart en Espanol

Still editing this, yet I wonder what Jacob David George would be doing this year if he didn’t take his own life in 2014.

Ahora solo soy un granjero de Arkansas,
Hay muchas cosas que no entiendo
Como por que enviamos granjeros para matar a granjeros
En Afghanistan
Ahora hice lo que me dijeron por mi amor por esta tierra
Llego a casa un hombre destrozado
Con sangre en mis manos
Y ahora no puedo tener una relacion,
no puedo mantener un trabajo.

Algunos pueden decir que estoy roto,
lo llamo corazon de soldado
Porque cada vez que salgo,
tengo que mirala a los ojos
Sabiendo que ella rompio mi corazon,
se dio la vuelta y mintio oh dije rojo, blanco y azul
confie en ti y nunca me dijiste por que ahora era el verano de 2002,
acabo de salir de la frontera con pakistan para salir del calor

Y mi sargento me dio algunas ordenes
y me dijo que leyera.

Así que llamó a la movilización de 500, 000
Soldados, marineros e infantes de marina
Por la inminente invasión de Iraq
La primavera que viene
Así llegué a casa un par de meses más tarde
Y oí los tambores, oí los tambores de guerra
Y tenían todos ustedes bailando a su alrededor
Y Askin’ para obtener más
Como el corazón de este soldado no podía tomar
Dije corazón de este soldado no podía aguantar más
Ahora no puedo tener una relación, no puedo mantener un trabajo
Bueno, algunos pueden decir que estoy roto, lo llamo el corazón de soldado
Porque cada vez que salir a la calle, tengo que mirarla a los ojos
Sabiendo que ella rompió el corazón, y se dio la vuelta y mintió
Dije, rojo, blanco y azul, yo confiaba en ti
Y nunca me dijiste por qué
He dicho, cada vez que salgo Tengo que mirarla a los ojos
Sabiendo que ella rompió mi corazón y se dio la vuelta y mintió
Oh, me dijo, rojo, blanco y azul,

yo confiaba en ti
Y ni siquiera me dijeron por qué

Thirty Five Cents if you ever been in the back of a police car

That was what made deployment meaningful I suppose. Being able to snail mail a post card from a ‘foreign’ land and having the privelages to write FREE in the corner because we were in harm’s way somehow. With the 2018 Forever stamp which cost me thirty five cents, someone could snail me you a post card if they had your address. I suppose more advanced, privelaged humans could email you for free, but the post card idea came up after the 33rd annual convention for VFP in St. Paul Minnesota.

These plan white booklets cost me $3.

I reused the dispensary bags which cost me $26 (the cost to Lyft to 7pts.)

We are fortunate to have a Post Office that is conveniently opened late for the community we live in. Hours:

Those workers, the Postal Workers once made up the largest union, so my (ex) husband once told me. I haven’t verified all his information, but he made his fair share of mistakes.


The more we learn about ourselves, the easier it becomes to navigate obstacles we face que aprendiste de tu person homeopata Horizon Group USA



21 more years being locked up since sixteen means what when he gets out

How much does it cost to mail your friend something?

Watch “If I Could Write A Song” on YouTube

I was planning for Perform The World in September 2018. The dates of September 21-24th to be factual. Perform The World Conference was in New York City. Thanks to Dr. George Patrin from Serendipity Alliance once again I was able to practice this humanitarian clown lifestyle. The Army Pediatrician and Healthcare Administrator was once labeled Colonel Patrin.

The Doctor who sponsored my first healing mission

Colonel Patrin’s loss

Colonel Patrin received his medical degree in 1984

from the University of Minnesota.

He taught me this game

His one-man barbershop quartet


was developed for a

“Puppetry for Elementary Schoolteacher’s”

class while in Pre-Medicine.

He became a pediatrician …

he taught me this game

video chat


log in

the 17 names

The director of my local VA is a doctor

Hines, not JBVA

what kind of PhD


but i think it’s MD

and this week, he dismissed ESS AGAIN

and literally wrote my Senator Tammy Duckworth stating I refused a spinal tap.

He failed to mention I had one completed in 2011…

in fact DEMANDED it from the first resident neurologist, who NOW specializes in epilepsy in the Los Angelos area and was NEVER a headache specialist…

either way I felt the need to rule out IHH or pseudo-tumor cerebri…

the feeling of evaluated pressures in my head

I hope you don’t understand that feeling.

I demanded an attending to perform the spinal tap as I was dx with degenerative disc disease while in my 20s…. (go navy; I am compensated at 10% *whole-man* for my back, fyi.)

In 2011, I was hospitalized seven times in a twelve month period.

The NERVE of Doctor Braverman

the nerve

I will spend my years continuing to survivor chronic migraine disease.

Some days are better than others.

Doctor Braverman said NO VA doctor could prescribe cannabis as an alternative option to what has NOT worked with the care under the VA.

…but i will survive…

now the 17 lost,

how are their dependants?

Do they have enough education to beat marginal employment?

Do they have access to toiletries?

Do they have a means to clean drinking water?

Do they have adequate house?

Do they have communities who care to feed them?

Does anyone care?

We lost seventeen that day. I can’t remember where I was when I got the news.

I was in Virginia Beach, what I called home at the time with a newborn. I told the officer’s wives how disgusted I was on how OUR sailors slept in ribbed boats and the deck or where ever they found a means to rest…

it did seem like I was the only on active duty in that circle

I was one of the first to walk aboard the USS Cook whn they pulled back in after the deployment.

no war that i was told of was announced

Yet 9/11 – happens and I still hear that war has yet to end.

in 1999…

On October


I was home

or what I called home

in n apartment

I once lived and

paid rent at with

D. Roach.

he called and told

me he was sleeping

in the ribbed boat

after dragging

bodies from the

gally of his

sister ship

the USS Cole